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New Monday 11th Meeting

There will be a new meeting at the town hall in the town of NorthWest on Monday the 11th of Feb at 7PM. This coming MONDAY! A special meeting has been called. The public is invited to attend. This meeting is for the council members to make a move to push forward with this toxic dump plan and get the ball rolling on the destruction of the community. They want to destroy the futures of the children of that community to make a few lousy dollars now. Greed is at the root of the problem. The meeting rules are set to only allow the taxpayers of the NorthWest community speak at this meeting. Being that the land is still part of the un-town-annexed area of Brunswick County at large and NOT part of the NorthWest town, how can they specify that only tax payers of NorthWest speak? They are trying to stiffle the opposition to this dump by limiting the free speech of the citizens of Brunswick County. Every one that owns property inside of Brunswick County pays taxes on what they own and that money is divvied up in the general fund and distributed to the towns in Brunswick County. So, every Brunswick County taxpayer has the right to speak at the meeting at the town hall this coming Monday night! Our money all, or in part, is distributed to the town of NorthWest and therefore gives us the concerned public the right to speak at this open "public" (as defined by them) forum on the C & D dump they are pushing forward. Everyone come and SPEAK! And anyone that lives elsewhere and would like to do something, please come and lend your presence in the defense of the environment, a whole community of people being railroaded by a rogue town council, against big greedy dirty business and FOR the support of the brave souls that are prepared to speak out with the faith that what they represent is true. Thanks to all!


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