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Thanks for that enlightening breakdown of heroin jargon. I had the wonderful opportunity to flush 5 little bags of it not long ago. I was helping my son remodel his house near Redcross street. I was in the closet painting and ran my hand over the top of the door jam and they fell off. I had NO clue what they where till I opened them up. I thought about calling the police but why bother them, the house had been empty for years except for the vandals and crack heads. All I could think about was if I had not found them and my little Grandchild found one on the floor and ate it. Horrifying. I went through that place with a fine tooth comb then. Luckily it had been gutted so nothing was left. I am just so thrilled that my son lives in the ghetto, you have no idea how pleased I was when he told me he was going to buy a home there, fix it up and sell it in 2 years.... Thank goodness that 2 years is up this month. No more vandals, hookers and dealers wondering around all night. He regrets it but at least he brought the home back up to standards and raised the value. I am thankful nothing really bad happened to him personally, just property.


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