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Here's the real problem (negative posters pay attention)

The real situation here is that a woman was probably given a date rape drug. It's sad to me that some people think that this girl should pretend that it's 1950 and that she should enjoy 100% of her spare time by either A) being at home with her family 24/7 (maybe cooking for her man and having no friends?....that sounds fair) B) going out with friends to play bingo, beef up her sewing skills, or learn some new computer games (hopefully her friends are completely out of touch with what's actually fun or at least 95 years old in this case) or c) staying away from the "devils brew" (we call it beer here on earth). I can't tell you exactly what a giggle crew is (really, who says those words?) but I can tell you that judging from some of the cold calculated responses I've read here today that there is lack of human decency and compassion for people these days. I don't understand the animosity towards this person unless the critics who post on here are taking their own personal issues, shortcomings, lack of social contact, or general bitterness out on this girl. As for the potential stoning or beating, those are interesting ideas if you are completely out of your mind or live in medieval times. I hope you don't actually walk the same streets as the rest of us do.


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