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hello again jesus yes jesus

hello again jesus yes jesus is the answer and reading the bible would be a good past time or hobby, craft excetera for courtney instead of a drinking night out at a bar with friends , me personally i drink alcohol but on ocassion and very responsibly and i dont drink at bars i dont crave alcohol and i dont have to have it tomorrow or anyday and if i never drink alcohol again thats ok i dont need it .first of all downtown is a mecca for violence and dwi and all sorts of police reports for friday, saturday girls night out .to support these facts go to the court house and look on the docet or the past police reports of this matter the statistics are staggering they a ranked highest in a america for student underage drinking dwi arrests in wilmington nc these are facts and figures to back this statement with proof , second courtney cant prove she was drugged does she have a tocxicoligy report with the chemical that she was drugged with this is purely slander ,me personally i am concerned i have seen numerous tricks and jokes i have seen people put snakes in a purse and rip the top part of a 20 dollar bill off and clip it in the purse to hang out as bait i have seen people take the cover off pay phones so the wires hang out and when you pick the reciever up and place it on your ear you get a electricuted .and i made a note of these tricks and i use caution i just dont automatically trust anybody or anything .there are sick people out there who will go to great links to do these low life pranks you have to be cautious .me personaly im concerned but this is juvenille i am concerned with my city and government and laws being passed why not make a stand or stament for something that really matters now im personally envolved with medical malpractice and how us americans are being mistreated by medical boards or how thomas wright our city offical took bribes from the board of nursing he with held funds and used them inaproptely i am concerned of these matters why not make a coalition for girls whom drink alcoholand use drugs and wind up in prison or homeless .i dont know courtney nor do i want to this is just a juvenille story that lacks meaning and moral


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