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Once again an "involved" girl get too drunk and blames someone else...what is it with Wilmington girls? Most of them come from some country town with 2 cops and no money, yet they spend a year in this town and think they are Paris Hilton. can't hold your drinks. You had 4? What about the shots that guy beside you bought you? Yea...easy to forget. Oh now it's 2am? Husband is coming? You've been making out with some dude that says he's Kenny Chesney's manager for 3 hours?'d better tell everyone you had your drink tampered you're off the hook and some sad dude that bought you a normal cocktail is going to be in front of a judge. Welcome to the world we live in. Guys try to treat girls well, but as soon as the girl is unhappy--- BOOM. She makes up some story to become a victim. I don't buy what she's saying, If she was drugged, why was she still at that bar? She just had more than she should, thought her husband would get pissed, so made up a story to remain blameless. It's an everyday thing around here. Girls, when are you going to realize that the smartest thing you can do is sober up and then just grow up?


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