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Periodic tables?

ok, so this drug is called a date rape drug only if a rape occurs? Geting pretty technical here aren't we? That's not even the point.....whether the person who decides to put this into a womans drink for the desired effect actually rapes the person or not does not really matter. A man or woman should beable to go hang out with friends and have a few drinks and not have something put into their drink to alter their senses to the point that they remember absolutely nothing (hopefully we can at least agree on that). Nobody's worried about body builders taking the drug or truckers trying to get a good nights rest. By the way, what happens if body builders mix the drug with a drink? Is that standard procedure? Do truckers take this drug with a few gin and tonics before bed? Do you think that adding booze to the mix (even a little bit) might change the way the drug effects people? Do you think a womans physical make up (i.e. weight) might be different from a body builder or truck driver, generally speaking? Do truckers and body builders lose their memory for the evening? Get real man....the fact is that courtney isn't the only woman ever to have this happen and you're sitting here talking about the periodic tables. You missed the whole point of the situation. Angry friends pushing other friends out in front of cars? You have an extremely overactive imagination. You should write a soap opera or something instead of trying to post intelligent points on the internet about this situation. You're not good at it.


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