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Medical Malpractice, snakes, bribes? I don't understand.

People don't go out and unwind by reading the bible. Get off your high horse and come down to earth. Once again, a person responding to this article who claims to be in touch with the word of god and once again you come off as a very cold person who could care less about people. If that's what the bible does to you then I'll just stay away. Or maybe this is just the kind of person you are and has nothing at all to do with religion. Who cares that you don't need alcohol or don't ever want to see it? That doesn't make you pure or just in any way whatsoever. I could live just fine if I never touched alcohol again, but I like it sometimes, and that's the extent of it. There are other people who think similarly. I've been downtown to blue post and some other places, I've played ping pong and shot pool, talked with friends, watched great live music.....the mecca for violence? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and that's a fact. Your court house stats don't apply to the general populous. The numbers are purely criminal acts and negative things that have happend. I went downtown 2 days in a row one weekend and nothing happend except for the fact that I had a good time. My friends who go downtown every weekend have had similar experiences. Did you find that information at the court house? Stop being neurotic and judgemental. All of those tricks you've mentioned are insane. I've never seen or heard of any of that happening...sounds like nonsense to me. You're obviously a very paranoid person and probably not that pleasant to be around. Additionally, you go off on medical malpractice????? Why not mention your issues with high gas prices while you are at it? Or tell us your grocery list for the coming week? Zero relevance at all. Your post has proved nothing to anyone other than the fact that you are out of touch with reality in a severe way.


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