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Drug rape? hmm, where did you read that again?

And you have no proof that she was not drugged other than your own skepticism, but that's the assumption your making here. Nobody suggested a rape happend or was attempted (maybe you're reading a different news article than I am). So you're wrong, this "blog" is not about drug rape at all. People slipping a drug into a drink for whatever reason is a deviant act. It's that simple. That's exactly what this news article is about. Rape is an entirely different story. Drugging someone certainly might make that easier to achieve. However, the idea of giving up alcohol and not going out ever is very extreme. You could go out hundreds of times and not have this kind of thing happen. Binge drinking?? Yes that's bad I agree....and it has nothing to do with this story at all (4 drinks in 4 hours isn't binge drinking). 4 drinks in 4 hours even on an empty stomach is not enough to make you forget the previous evening and get very're way off base there. I'm assuming that if Courtney had high blood pressure she would have these symptons everytime she drinks alcohol. She seems to be of the opinion that her latest reaction was extremely unusual. I think that makes your high blood pressure theory not all that likely. By the way, none of the people that I know of with high blood pressure who choose to drink get the symptons that Courtney is describing...I don't really believe that for a second. this isn't a high blood pressure issue. for all of the thought's you have on this story being completely false, I think it's interesting that you offer none on the possability that this story might actually be accurate and truthful.


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