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Date Rape & Sexual Assault Prevention Speaker

Beware of being gullible and beguiled around the opposite sex and alcohol. Unbelievable to some, but certainly not to me, is the reality of date rape no matter your sex. When I was a senior in high-school I was out with some friends. We were all underage and drinking a bit. I was in the backseat of car talking to some friends, when all of the sudden a female athlete from my high-school jumped in the backseat of the car and began undressing me. Because I had been drinking my ability to resist her was very minimal. Ironically, while sitting in the backseat I had watched just minutes prior as this young lady had been in the front seat with my best friend. She jumped in his lap and was kissing him, which I was shocked to see as she wasn't all that attractive. She certainly wasn't my type, but once she jumped in the backseat she tried immediately to kiss me. Thankfully I had enough energy to turn my head and avoid having to kiss her. Then her next move was to start unbuckling my belt and loosening my pants. Going for the gold she tried to have sex with me, but fortunately I was too drunk to be persuaded. Nevertheless she tried earnestly to take advantage of the situation and proceeded to remove her pants in an attempt to have sex with me. Yet you can't push a car up a hill with a rope. My rope was limp and there was no moving me, nor having sex with me. However some embarrassment came when while sitting in the backseat some friends walked over to the car and saw the young lady trying to have sex with me. Most everyone knew what she was up to, but some erroneously assumed I had sex with her, which I did not. Yet a couple years later, once this young lady was in college, I heard from my cousin that she had been bragging, "I was with your cousin." She basically was trying to leverage her alleged association with me (which was non-existent and merely her own imagination) to get other guys to like her. Consequently I know the feeling of being violated despite the fact the act of sexual intercourse never occurred. Paul F Davis - Date Rape & Sexual Assault Prevention author and speaker 407-967-7553


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