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Benefits to "still looking like a girl."

Okay, for those of you who think he still looks like a girl, consider this: A. One look at this kid tells you that in very short order, he's going to have to fight the girls off with a stick. He can pull off wearing the long hair easily. As a rather plain looking guy myself guy, I HATE kids that look this good, because you know what his high school and college years are going to be like. (Sob! HE won't be taking his cousin to the senior prom!) Advantage 1 - Women will dig him B. If other boys call him a girl at school, it will undoubtedly build character (of which he obviously already has a lot) and hopefully turn him into Billy Bad*** as a matter of survival againt the bullies. Advantage 2 - He's going to have to learn how to kick butt at an early age because of his hair....and that name. All in all, I'd say that everybody wins in this situation. This story and the one last week about Michael going to the White House are welcome rays of sunshine in an otherwise dismal, dark future.


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