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Yes, we HAVE to bring them in

Take the time to research the number of engineers and scientists this country needs every year into the future, then look at the number of engineers and scientists our universities are graduating. The lines form a big X on the chart. Demand is climbing, supply is dwindling. There's no shortage of Communications majors. You can hire Psychology majors by the truckload. Pick any degree that required nothing more than common sense and allowed them ample party time, and you can find dozens of people to interview with no problem. Then try to find entry level engineers, and you'll understand why we have Pakistanis on H1B visas making six-digit salaries and working on the avionics suite for the latest Navy fighter jet. You might also then realize why the United States is losing it's standing as the world's R&D leader. We need people that understand thermodynamics more than we need more "grief counselors."


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