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Re: Yes, we HAVE to bring them in

The more I debate you, the more I realize how much I dislike certain qualities you possess. However, I mostly possess the same qualities. Our differences boil down to two different ideologies. You seem to blame all of our social ills on irresponsible behavior and socialism. I on the other hand sneer at Globalism as being the culprit, whether it's leftist "Global (barf) Village" stuff and/or Industrial Globalism without responsibility. I would like to qualify my initial response to you by pointing out that: Starting at a young age, today's kids are being taught a whole lot more right side cranial subjects verses the left (logic/management) side subjects. Therefore, not preparing these kids to think like engineers. This is leftist "Global (barf) Village" stuff. One other big difference, you seem to personally attack people in the news or have posted to this board, all the time, why? Is this your way of trying to sway someones opinion? I on the other hand enjoy reading the good, bad and the ugly. It certainly would be boring if they spewed the same rhetoric I do. In closing, neither of us are ever going to budge from our stance. I shall now retire to Mondschein on Deutsche Grammophon, DDD recording on my AMERICAN audio gear.


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