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Please point out where I attacked you

I explained that our nation is running out of brilliant engineering and scientific minds, while producing a bumper crop of people with un-marketable, unneeded degrees. Nowhere did I attack you. (I normally reserve my attacks for ignorant people who proudly bask in that ignorance....and liberal Democrats who believe that my money is OUR money, of course.) We do have one distinct difference: I may be able to make enough people think, to hold off Socialism for two seconds longer than it would have arrived without my efforts. Globalism is already here, and though you may rage against it you'll never be able to turn back the clock. Anyway, feel free to dislike my qualities or me. I'm not a sensitive guy. Effective, accurate, truthful writing is more important than spreading a popular message. You'll find that very seldom will I espouse an opinion that is not based upon facts.


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