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I rarely belittle people

Please don't confuse presenting a straightforward, butt-kicking argument that is difficult to refute with belittling them. I rarely belittle or pick on people. The one comment about that one family's weight was cruel, but occasionally even I can be tacky for the sake of humor....and even you found that comment funny. I plead guilty to chastising those who are, as I said earlier, ignorant and proudly bask in that ignorance. The best example I can remember was the young lady who thought the government should pay for her healthcare so that she could spend her money on her apartment, her car, her clothes, etc. It's unfair to single her out, however - Clinton and Obama's popularity shows that half the country thinks they should get a free ride. As far as the good in people, we do differ. I don't LOOK for the good in people, because I assume all people are good....until they prove otherwise. Scally, becoming an armed robber isn't a simple "mistake." Shooting heroin and smoking crack isn't equivalent to cutting school. There is a certain level uniform, to say it phonetically, beyond which it is safe to assume "this is a person with fatal character flaws. This is a bad person." Yes, we all make mistakes. I've made some whoppers, and will pay the price for the rest of my life. I have no patience, however, with people who make a whopper of a mistake and then keep on moving from one, to another, to another.


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