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You sound really childish Tyasia, we have known them since I was in middle school, so come with another excuse, also his condition does not justify what he did. I've know people and treat people with Bipolar/Schizophrenia everyday but it has nothing to do with this case, last time I checked he didn't plead guilty to mental insanity, he was very competent and withstood trial. You asked the question, "If it were you what would you do" but you didn't answer it yourself. You speak of things that you cannot personally say you've felt, because of your condition do you yourself have the urge to kill someone for simply trying to help or better yet trying to calm a "friend" down? This was a person that was like extended family, not some random person! You yourself don't really know all that happened because you were neither in Twaynnes' head nor my brothers. Yes I am responding to an old post from a few years ago but I could not allow you to pretty much say my brother caused his own death by trying to defuse the situation. Hope you are blessed and taking your required medications for your condition. Love, peace, and blessing!!!


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