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Something To Think About...

Contrary to popular belief, not all homeless people are drug addicts and drunks. Many of us are a couple of paychecks from being homeless--we are the working poor. We clip coupons. We save what we can for rainy days. We do without luxuries. Those of us without wealthy parents to help us out in times of need would be homeless if we suddenly found ourselves jobless. I was laid off from a company in Wilmington and nearly lost my house and car---if not for my well-off parents, I would have lost everything in the months it took to find a job that would pay my bills. For fodder: The president of the company that did the abrupt layoffs had promised a $30 million expansion in the preceding months (never happened; and he never explained why)---and because of his delusions of grandeur he let a lot of seasoned employees down. So, we nearly lost everything we owned, while he sat in Landfall with his BMW and Porshe. Many of us earning close to minimum wage had better credit than he did. I guess we should have all left the company when the collection calls for his home gym equipment and cars came to the office...Good thing he lived in a gated community where the repossession team couldn't get to him.


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