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Year old homeless stats

Its a shame that we cannot find a way to be able to report these statistics in real time. Reading a report that stated that the ranks of homeless people has dropped by 100 people may give some of us warm and fuzzy feelings but the reality of the current economic crisis will show "next year", that figure increasing and maybe even doubling. Labor rates in this area are ridiculously low. Unemployment is up to 6.1%. Who can afford to pay an $850.00 per month rent for a singlewide trailer 15 to 20 miles from Wilmington when they are now paying more than half their hourly wage for a single gallon of gas? I moved to this area almost 4 years ago from the DC area. Paid cash for my home in Pender County. Had a nice little nestegg in the bank. Set up a small contracting business that was growing in leaps and bounds the first two years. Then the housing market slump began to hit this area. Business slacked off some but I had a couple of invesors as clients which kept me going. I was forced to contribute to the unemployment rate because I no longer had the work to support my workers and had to let them go. The past 11 months have been devistating to my livelyhood. The investors are now performing their own repairs due to the housing crash. One man has a dozen empty homes, he cannot sell them and he worries every month if he can even find qualified renters. Since January of 2008 I have spent over $1000.00 in advertising in local papers. That thousand dollar investment has returned only 1800.00 in sales. The investors are doing their own work and word of mouth has generated only 7200.00 in sales in NH Co and only 1500.00 in Pender. For 9 months I have been aggressivly searching for a construction job. I'm overqualified or I need to accept $7.50 per hour and driving almost 60 miles per day to do it. My tax bill for this year went up more than 12%. Food costs have gone up almost 30%. My worry now is that my little nestegg is gone and I will, except by the grace of God, probably not be able to pay my homeowners tax in January. This means I may be part of the homeless stats people will read about in 2010. Pretty sad reality for many of us as I cannot imagine I am the only one with this challenge.


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