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Homeless shelters Do they help?

I have to say I am one of many that had to resort to being homeless for a bit longer,try six months every so often. I am not into drugs,the bottle or anything else that could lead me away from the goal I set for myself, getting a job and then a place to live. Maybe I am one of a kind, decided to marry a British citizen in the UK. He dosn't make enough money to quilify for a spouse visa so I can stay in his country with him or to work as well. No I find myself coming back to the USA without my husband and without a place of my own to stay. In NC I decided to try staying in one of the homeless shelters on the coast and I had found myself disappointed and not only that but I ended up more homeless when the people running the shelter desided to take my bags, rip them open to find interview cloths,shoes, uk cell phone, yes money. They said they were justified in not giving me all they had found because of one of their so called rule, Not allowed to leave your bags in a certain spot on their floor after 2:45PM because the bags would be moved again in their hallway. When I asked them nicely if they could give me back my money and my cloths, their response was 'No, and if you decide to call the police then I was not allowed to stay in their shelter anymore'. I ended up not going to the police and stayed for six months doing odd jobs, not enough to get a place of my own. The DSS would not help me at all. Their excuse was that my husband was responsible for me and that they could not help me at all. No food stamps, nothering. Yes I saw some of the homeless people living at the shelter with substance abuse problems but I can a sure you that there were less of them and more of the others that really needed help by DSS and other homeless organizations. I left North Caroline to go to New York, upper state and found a whole different world there. There was help for me and many others and when I had to explain why I left NC the social workers were'nt surpise one bit about what happen to me and lots of others. They just shook their hands with discuss and said thats the way they do things down there. One man succsess dose not mean everyone can do the same. We are all different with different situations and when is it ever going to be apparent that the homeless people could be and is your daughters,sons,grandparents,uncles,aunts...


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