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Good people make mistakes?

Let me assure you that you simply do **NOT** make mistakes where a firearm is concerned. When you carry a weapon, you are totally, 100% responsible for your actions regarding that weapon, and when you are issued a concealed carry permit, you agree to follow the law regarding where you may and may not carry that weapon. You simply don't "forget" that you're carrying a firearm on your hip. I, too, carry a concealed weapon. When I enter the post office, I carry an empty holster - the weapon is locked in my truck, its magazine tucked in my back pocket. Federal law prohibits carrying weapons into post offices. If I have dinner at an establishment that serves alcohol, the weapon is locked in the truck, as required by state law. I will not take a shortcut through UNCW because I am armed. There's a virtual shopping list of places that you cannot carry a concealed weapon, and every person receiving a permit knows where he or she cannot be armed. Now, as far as this man being a collector, give us a break! Did you watch the video? I used to collect stamps, but oddly, I didn't have them printed up with my picture on them. "They say he is a good person..." Sure...that proves a lot, huh? Go over to the story about the three brothers who make a living stealing from people, and you'll find no shortage of people claiming what good guys they are.


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