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It's my understanding that

It's my understanding that the way in which Catholics differ from, say, Baptists is that Catholics believe you enter heaven by believing in Jesus as your personal Savior as well as good works. Other Christian religions believe, as the Bible says, the only way to eternal life is by accepting Jesus as your personal Savior. I would love for someone to clarify this for me if you know differently. Also, as for Christians struggling with Adam & Eve vs evolution, that should not be a struggle for a Christian. There are many books, lectures, etc., regarding that scientific theory is way off when it comes to the age of Earth. Darwin himself only had a very primitive microscope when he was doing his studies, and major evolutionists have said the reason Darwin's theory was so embraced by scientists and others is because belief in God interfered with their sexual morays. In other words, if they believed in evolution and not God, then they didn't have to feel guilty about doing whatever they wanted. The Bible which I believe to be the inspired Word of God says God created Adam & Eve, and the Bible also gives a very clear genealogy of man. As for me, that's the end of discussion as far as evolution is concerned.


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