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Politicians ignore the third option

CUT SPENDING!!!!! No...they could never do that...could they? Just look at the state budget from a few years ago when we were so broke that Ali-Baba Easley was looting the money collected from you as taxes to fund the 911 system and using it to fund local art councils. Some county 911 centers were using consoles that were ten years out of date, but the North Carolina Symphony received their funding. Now, I enjoy Beethoven more than most, but I think I'd rather know that someone was coming quickly when I dialed 911 than to hear a live performance of Wellington's Victory. Invariably the politicians will talk about cutting benefits for the state employees....or raising taxes on everyone....but never will they consider tightening the belt and stopping all funding to non-essential services...or, even more importantly, cutting benefits to the NON-productive members of society who are sucking the system dry. Time for the second revolution, and I'm not talking about that nutjob Ron Paul. Our governments, both federal and most states have become more tyrannical than British Parliament could have ever dreamed up. Time for the taxpayers to "just say no" in November. Throw them ALL out.


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