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State Benifits

I have worked for the State for over 31 years and looking at retirement. During this time I have seen many tracking system to keep the employee in line so they do not cheat the "Government". I do not understand how this State Plan is so screwed up. We hire professional to come in and tell us what is wronge and how to corrected it. They get there money then they are gone after things start falling apart again. We hire someone new to start the process over. What about the Lottery????? How hard was this pushed. How it was going to help the School Systems. But we now find out it can only be used in certain area. Not like the big sale pitch . I think we better look hard at losing our staff and worker. Most are here because of the benifits and after you been here for a while you fill like a owner not just a hired person to do a job. In the last years I have seen workers hired, with very few of them looking to be owners and decicate to the cause of what is best for the system. I gave up high paying job so I could give back something to my community. But I did not mind as bad because I was promissed and in some cases preach to about the retirement plan. In the passed a man word alone built Governments, Towns, States and you did not have be concerned with the out come because his word was a bond. Today is totally differant. Just look at the Lawers in the yellow pages. It is all about interputing a man word. Who do you believe? Why should I do my best? These people only care about themself? No wonder the State system is screwed up, we have created the type of thinking. I will adapt but will my grandchild children. Thanks'for letting me vent. Jimmy


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