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in H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS do you come out 24 BILLION in the negative. We have some REAL winners running our State Government ladies and gentlemen. I don't think they even KNOW what a budget is. IF they do, they sure don't know what one is used for. My 5 year old is better at math than these CLOWNS. Ladies and gentlemen. THIS is what happens when you let career politicians run our State and Government. They get up there and they just do what they want without regard to the money coming in. It is happening at the State AND Federal levels. MASS WASTE of our money. That is why taxes were such a bad thing when this country was founded. The GREED is just to great and they keep wanting MORE and MORE and MORE. We as a people once marched over a 1 CENT tax increase and government officials LISTENED. NOW we just sit and take it. I ALMOST went to work for the State a few years ago....I am SO glad I didn't. The pay and benefits SUCKED. Let the Democrats get in the White ain't seen NUTHIN yet! I don't agree with a LOT of things that have happened up there over the last 8 years, but it isn't anything compared to what the Democrats can do.


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