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Where does the money go?

About 60% goes to education. Another 25% goes to Health and Human Services. That leaves 15% of our annual state budget for all other things - DOT, law enforcement and prisons, state parks, debt servicing, employee salaries....everything. It's an outrage. Education is important, but we have reached the point where we obsess over education at the expense of everything else....and if anything, we're moving backward! Thirty years ago we managed to fund education AND the state infrastructure....and oddly enough, SAT scores were substantially higher (nationally). Now we spend sixty-cents of every dollar on education, start them into school at age four, and wind up with college graduates who don't know what a high school graduate knew thirty years ago. Take a closer look at our state's education budget, and you'll see some of the bottonless holes into which we pour money. Many have nothing to do with fostering education across all students, but are focused on pet niche projects of the liberal left. Don't even get me started on the money wasted by Heath and Human Services.... So the bottom line is this - if you and your spouse are crossing the Third Street Bridge when it finally collapsed, as you're free-falling through the air, take heart in the knowledge that your tax dollars weren't "wasted" on replacing that bridge, they funded bi-lingual education for the children of illegal immigrants in rural counties. Muy bueno, no?


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