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Money goes where?

There has never been an true and accurate accounting of where our tax dollars go, either on the local, state or federal level. Anyone can draw up a silly pie chart providing percentages here and there, smile a toothy grin and say, "Hey yall! This is wheah yo money's agoin'". They have so much tax money flowing in DAILY, they can't account for it all. Have you ever seen an honest middle class or poor person at the helm of any government position??? Of course not and you never will, the good ol' boys won't let them play in ther circle. Income taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, disposal taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes, white goods taxes, property taxes, estate taxes, liquor taxes, capital gains taxes, animal taxes, road taxes and the freekin' LOTTERY that's supposed to fund education (that 60% mentioned above). With all these taxes, the average JOE (excluding the average hispanic, of course) is lucky to be able to use 35% of his gross income at best. First time you hear of a tax shortfall, it's, "We'll cut school programs!", "We'll cut programs for the elderly!", We'll cut retirement and pension benefits!". Now, it's, "We don't have enough tax money, so if the bridge collapses while you're on it...too bad." One of these days, the people are going to get mad enough to stand up and put a halt to this crap and start voting in responsible leaders in government that will have real ETHICS (not Hollywood ethics) and stop the stuffing of their pockets!!! Is there an ETHICS tax yet???


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