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"develop a group dedicated to put a stop to this" WE do have a group, its the responsible parent group that you and I are members of. I also managed to keep my son out of that scene as a teen and he is a productive drug/alcohol free young man still.Sadly most parents are greatly lacking in responsibility for their spawn and should be sterilized. Local authorities can not do a thing to stop or curtail drug use. They do what they can. If the US government would do something about the borders and letting drugs into the country maybe that would help but, pot is grown here and a lot of drugs are made here too. Drug users will find a way just like the drunks did during prohibition. It starts at home as you know. MYSPACE is a treasure trove of info. I have read many things on there about the activities of my kids friends, been very helpful. Some kids are so stupid and what they put out there on the internet is appalling and frankly shows the mentality of a lot of the kids today.


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