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Interloper...roflol. Are you

Interloper...roflol. Are you kidding me? Look, she isn't interloping. Her parents moved here, and she's moving here as well. She's lived in the state for 2 years according to the article, and just wants an education without having to pay anymore than anyone else would want to. How is her paying more or less going to cause your kid to lose a slot? If she were willing to pay the extra, your kid would lose it anyway, if that was all that it took, right? I'm with you on illegals, but she isn't illegal, so that's a moot point. As for what her parents have to do with it, they have paid taxes here. So you will dismiss their contribution to YOUR child's education, right? Nevermind at all that they've put their two cents in there, and yet their daughter can't avail herself of the same benefit that your native sons and daughters enjoy thanks to it, right? And according to the IRS, your kids can be dependents until the age of 24. It's been suggested that she is 25, but I haven't read anything to confirm that in the articles. Maybe someone can clear that up for us.


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