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A *REAL* concern for 2020

I recall a commercial from my childhood. It was for Rheingold beer, and talked about how popular their product was among Puerto Rican New Yorkers. It ended with, "In fact, in New York City, where there are more Puerto Ricans than in all of San Juan, Rheingold beer is....yadda, yadda, yadda..." I have no doubt that by 2020, local commercials will be able to say, "In fact, in North Carolina, where there are more Yankees than in all of New York City,...." Okay, so why, with so many Yankees here, can you not purchase a good loaf of Jewish rye bread? Food Lion makes a very tasty rye bread that they label as "Jewish deli rye," but they have yet to figure out that it's supposed to have caraway seeds in it. (Granted, you can get unseeded rye in New York, but the only people who eat it are Gentiles named Patty or Dominick, and reformists who probably eat ham on it....and most of them have false teeth and are bothered by the seeds.) Harris Teeter makes a very tasty seeded rye....but the loaf is of a size that facillitates only hors d'œuvres or sandwiches for gerbils. On a side note, why is their pumpernickel ROUND? Who makes round loaves for anything other than catering a Hun wedding, where it will be ripped off in hunks? You start out with potato-chip sized slices that are useless, and wind up with slices the size of man-hole covers in mid-loaf. Anyway, I digress.... I have not yet checked out Lowe$ Food$, but if anyone can tell me where I can puchase some REAL Jewish rye WITH SEEDS, please let me know....and no, Bubba, I'm NOT going back to Brooklyn to buy it. Odds say, I've been here longer than you. In closing, rest assured that the "Italian Bread" stinks too, it's supposed to have a crunchy, crackly crust but be soft and moist on the inside, and yes, this *IS* the only thing in my life I have to gripe about, because my life is pretty darn good.


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