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I am a mother of five, one of whom (twin) I lost at 3 mo. of age(Sids)I truly know how it feels to lose, but had I been guilty of wrong doing, I would expect authorities to place me in jail and prosecute me for such. There is no excuse for this tragedy.I feel the mothers pain, but the child who survives has more pain than the mother will ever experience, as that child was helpless;defensless and definitely not prepared or equiped to save her siblings, and the mother should feel guilty and should be charged with neglect,no good mother would ever expect a young child to care properly for younger siblings, it just isn't feasable.I don't know how the law reads where this happened, but here in NY you can't even leave a child under the age of 16 alone for any reason, and if tragedy strikes for you doing such, you will be arrested and charged accordingly, it is Law and I truly believe that it is a good one, parents need to be responsible for their children, and if you don't want them-need them, you should have them placed in homes of caring adults who will be responsible for them at all times.I pray that this mother will realize the bad decision she made and find remorse, may she be evaluated by proper phsycologists and when they deem her responsible, may she have her freedom back, until then, she should only have court supervised visitations.I don't know if many of you realize this, but the child who survived may have more complications with her recovery process with the mother involved on a daily basis, as she may relate her own mother to this tragedy, causing more phsycological trauma.I pray this 6yr old a speedy recovery process, may she find hope and security for her future, may she realize she isn't responsible, that her little hands were tied, may she also learn to forgive her mother, I pray in the name of Jesus. AMEN


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