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Be careful what you ask for

Government regulating behavior through taxation is a very slippery slope that diminishes individual freedom with every new law. If they can punitively tax cigarettes because they are bad for you, they can also tax Big Macs, pizza, and Mountain Dew. They can tax motorcycles out of existence. They can tax guns out of existence. They can tax anything out of existence. You are basically saying that government has a right to make nearly every decision in your life. You can't be trusted to make these decisions for yourself - only government can make them for you. We need to get back to the "Land of the Free," and nip this nanny government in the now-blossoming bud. Get government out of trying to protect people from themselves. No one who smokes would claim that it's good for them, but I will claim that they have a right to smoke, they have a right to eat a Big Mac or pizza, they have a right to own a firearm, and they have a right to own a motorcycle.


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