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Why don't you get on a bike and ride in the hot summer I used to bike and yes its faster to get around town but I lived in a good spot for bikeing at the time. I'd like to see some of the lard azz'z take a bike to work. We need more roads NOW not in 2020 NOW 2008 I been hit buy car's side swiped really but still my legs came in contact with a moving car a few times they just keep on going. Got to love it. It's sad how people love to cry and mone about can't put the road their because of some unknown reason WE NEED MORE ROADS TO KEEP US SAFE THANK GOD I DON'T RIDE MY BIKE ANYMORE..... please it's 2008 not 1844 build us more road's to keep us safe who care's if you piss a few people off they have no life anyway to worry about some land mark tare the crap down the shit is old anyway.


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