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Do Nothing till there is NO Other Way

This appears to be our area motto. Let's throw the sewer system in on that one. How would you say that in Latin, for our new flag? Honestly our ineffectual and dangerous road system (if it even qualifies as a system) is maddening to say the least. Actually we're lucky, that unlike those in California, we seem to be able to control our road rage. Hey maybe gun toting backward southerners (hey this is a joke) are more sophisticated than West Coast urbanites! Back to the subject, the Wilmington area just did not plan for roads. The presiding policy was either cut through a neighborhood, or throw a stoplight at it. Overpasses...simply not done. Our bypasses are designed with long and counter productive stoplights. And I agree with those commenting about the lack of driving skills and driver courtesy on the our roads. Someone once told me that many here drive like they are still on a country road---ALONE. These type drivers are unaware of the driving as a "pack" system, that works well in cities. Here drivers move down the road more safely, more courteously, and more "together." Hey two or three cars on a road here can create a very successful blockade. I've seen it done often. One bright side....we're getting synchronized stoplights. Yea! By the way, excellent, in-depth story by TV3.


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