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It's all our faults.....

We complain constantly about the roads and the drivers using them but we are not willing to raise tax's and have referendoms to pay for the upgrades. And it's not just the voters but our elected officials that fail to act. The county residents, and I am speaking of all New Hanover Co residents, who want to fight annexation do not understand that if you do not contribute now this City will suffer in the long run. And since you use these roads on a daily basis it's the least you can do. If you do not want to live in the METRO area then move to Columbus or Pender Co. I will not expect you to pay if you live that far out. So practice what you preach. Be a leader when it comes to driving safely. If you have to talk on the phone make sure driving is your priority. If you miss your turn, don't swerve into the turn lane. Go down the street, merge over and make a u-turn. What is so important that you can't just reroute yourself. If it is that important then that means you are in the back of an ambulance. Try to see beyond the next intersection and plan your drive accordingly. Our driving habits and failure to push for better roads have put us in the position we are in today. Co. Commissioner Greer said yesterday that it is the DOT's responsiblity to build roads. Not true, we can be progressive we just have to take the initative. We are not the only city in NC and the DOT is fully aware of that. Think outside the box, or triangle in our case, and find a feasable way to make this area safe for all of us.


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