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VA Clinic's 2012 Project

I concur with Mr. Tim Zerr's statements. It's worse than negligent; It shows any potential future soldiers that you will be given a low priority if you serve and survive; Already, there's no reasonable transportation to get you to Fayetteville or Durham. The DAV does a wonderful job with the volunteer vet's who drive. What if your Doctors' appointment doesn't fall on the days their volunteers are scheduled to transport? So, 3 years away? Many of the soldiers who can potentially return home from the war can't because they're not equipped to handle the extent of their injuries here. These local hospitals treat civilians like a second class citizen if you don't have insurance; What do they call it ""fasttrack"... To get you outta there if you're uninsured or have a perceived low priority. There's no excuse for treating us that way after we laid our lives on the line to preserve their way of life. Imagine yourself coming home from a war. To find out you've got to still jump through hoops to be treated for injuries you did not cause. I thought the government would have a faster reaction time than that. Some of us are suffering silently until we reach our breaking point. I pray that they would accurately measure the threshold of pain; But that's too much like an admission of responsibility. Again, Slow response time at it's finest. Well, Pressure has to be released in some kind of way and everybody's gonna be pointing their fingers. Somebody needs to Nip this in the bud and "Get 'er done", NOW...


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