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Mistreatment or just a chip

Mr. Mistreated The first question out of your mouth was "Is it because I'm black? I would bet that is the same line you use at other establishments when you feel the least bit slighted. Read the sign in the establishment. It say's Management has the RIGHT to refuse service to anyone! No matter their color I'm quite sure it applies to ALL. If you felt so mistreated that you ate there anyway and then you kept count of who had to prepay and who didn't. Well ya know you should have just left when asked to pre pay and don't go around feeling MISTREATED. So pathetic for you to whine and gnash your teeth. Please be a man, be the best, let this small stuff roll off you, cause I know this "ain't" your first rodeo. Or.. will you drag others to share in your tirade? You've already buzzed the press, who is next. oh let me guess..hummm Cause you will take it as far as it can go I am sure. Maybe the establishment will bow down and give you a refund and and say how sorry they are. And you as a gentleman will just suck it up and mark that restaurant off of your list.


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