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Ban obese people from buffets? Oh yeah that will fly. I see tons of younger people (college kids are worse), thin people, people with kids at buffets eating way more than obese people, wasting food, piling up food they took and can not finish just because it is a buffet. When I go to buffets I only get one normal sized plate of food. Period. I am satisfied from that and I am overweight so yall's little plan does not fly in real life. Most obese people do not eat more than average but their physical activity is less therefore weight gain. Not everyone can be thin and apparently the posters below are a few of the "I am special, thin, better than everyone else" group. Back to the subject, I do not blame the owner for standing up and asking for payment in advance. Perhaps the restaurant needs to make people pay first for the buffet. They do have a menu though so not everyone can pay up front.


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