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customer mistreatment

first of all im a white guy 40 years old i no billy personally he is my neighbor and has been for 5 years he owns 2 or three vehicles and pays taxes and rent just like you and anybody else, so he aint lying he aint homeless he was mistreated by dragon garden resturant ,billy is a nice guy and has a good sense of humor he is a smart guy and he dont sell himself short for anybody or anything .he has a good point it could have happened to a black, white ,italian , spanish any race what if you were white and walked in a black resturant the guy says im sorry you gotta pay first so you pay and sit down to eat and here comes a black couple and they sit down and eat without paying first , firt of all you gonna think the same thing its because im white thats why i gotta pay first.but in reality the black resturant owner knows the black couple he let eat without paying from church and the real reason was the homeless people eating and running , the resturant owner should have made everyone pay first or had his cell phone ready to call the police .billy is right you cant do one person that way it is unfair you gotta treat all that way .


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