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Very well put

Also .... a party of one is more likely to "Dine and Dash" than say, a party of three. But to the larger point of the race card. Guest1061 makes a point that I wish more African-Americans would speak-up about. Although much progress has been made, racism is still a problem that needs addressing in this country. But, trivialization of such a horrific thing as racism only hurts any effort to really have a truthful and meaningful dialog about it. But I really can't blame Mr. Brown that much. Didn't Chris Rock's mom get in the news for about the same thing last year in SC, when she thought it took too long to get any service and reasoned it was because she was black? CNN national coverage! .... To me the problem seems to be news editors that think this kind of story is worth reporting..... hence ... keeping the friction alive ... and unfortunately, the kids that never saw the true racism guest1061 spoke of, think that this kinda of silly thing, is a race issue. but ... then again ... last time I was in the Cracker Barrel here in town ... I'm pretty sure my bad service was because I have an Irish last name ... in fact .... they even marked me off the list when I was seated with a green pen ... just saying..... something to think about.


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