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Bladenboro's Tragic Loss

I strongly disagree with alot of the negative and childish remarks that have been made. It was a tragic loss but an avoidable one..The officers and their superiors went about it the wrong way. When they knew that backing off would help they should have removed some of the officers instead of further irritating him. While he was walking around his own yard not bothering anyone,why didn't they use tranqulizers on him? If they can tranqulize a bear at several hundred yards, why not Tommy? or why not let Steve,his brother in law keep talking to him until the tactical vehicle arrived which was less than an hour away,a vehicle that would have allowed them to drive up to the home and safely talk to Tommy, taser him or use concussion grenades to take him safely,(that is what they were made for, why not use them!)No!they would not wait and lied to Steve and told him they were going to bring him back and not harm Tommy, how convienent NO Steve means no Witness. While Steve was talking with him he was calm and outside for different intervals not threatening anyone. They (the Cops) sent their only asset in getting this man help.. away. Not letting his son speak with him was a mistake also.. They used unnecessary force, treating him like someone who had been out on a killing spree all over the county. Maybe they (the SBI) were impatient, or tired or just plain did not long as they could go home to their families, if waiting it out took days I would have waited it out to save his life or yours or anyones like any caring loving person or officer should want to do. Tommy was having a hard day just like we all have had but 4 officers didn't shoot us to death!! My deepest love and sympathy goes out to the family and all involved in this tragic loss of a friend, husband, father,and brother..May God Bless You All...


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