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Listen here, My uncle was

Listen here, My uncle was brutally murder by people who "so called" tried to help him. You dont know the facts, you know nothing about this. Dont tell me the facts because you know nothing. He never shot at his wife, he had no reason to. It was her choice to go over to the neighbors to call for help. He never shot at a law enforcement, he shot in the air now to me I dont think the law enforcement would be in the air. And yes the family did talk to him, he was calmed down but the law enforcement were to worried about their own selfish needs to even care about giving him help. My uncle just needed help and they promised my grandpa that they would get a negotiator to talk to him. The SBI did NOT talk to him, only his brother-in-law and he did not feel threatned at any time while he was with him. 4 1/2 hours he spent talking about the bible,huning, and fishing. This man had no attention to hurt or kill no one. Hes not that kind of person, and the law is nothing but murderers, and my grandfather was appraoched by the news cast about the situation HE DID NOT approach them. He wanted the public to know my uncle was murdered and he was lied to by the SBI. By this time, my uncle was dead and being transported the SERMC. It wasnt suicide by cop. It was murder, if he wanted to die, he would have done it himself. So dont talk to me about facts, you know nothing yourself. Get your story straight, this is what really happened... THE END! signed by: Tommy Adams Loving Family


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