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Developers and City Council

Certainly, the developers are right to an extent. Zoning of land does harm property rights; limiting its potential uses and profitability. Most developers understood these limits when they purchased their land, even if they had high hopes of using their political connections to up-zone the land to higher density and increase the value of their investment through political influence rather than land value appreciation. Despite utopian pipedreams where urban dwellers ditch their cars, the reality is Wilmington's infrastructure can't handle the burden of the higher density development without adding alot more infrastructure. If developers want to pay for the roads and sewers to handle their mixed-use towers built to the heavens, then they should pay for the pipes and roads enhancements required by these projects. Instead, Wilmington's developers profit by infringing on my property rights: taxing my hard-earned money to subsidize their businesses by making me pay for infrastructure for them. Convention centers. And so on. Developers should have no restrictions on their property rights if they pay for all the costs the community bears as a result of their project. If they want subsidies, us taxpayers have a right to attach strings to the money we will have to spend to support the project.


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