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Forgiveness maybe?

While I understand that the actions of Long were inappropriate based on what we know now, we must understand his position. Before we call him "trigger happy" let's put oursef behind the gun. A mistake in perception of gunfire: would you wait and let the guy come out shooting if you thought he was shooting at you? Seriously, I would be looking out for numero uno and protecting my life. In the heat of the moment, your adrenaline hijacks your mind and you can't control it. Even if you want to hold Long accountable, don't drag Causey, the rest of the ERT, and the whole department down too. None of them pulled the trigger, so they shouldn't get the heat from the accident of another. Without knowing what we do now and being in Long's shoes, none of us can honestly say what we would have done because none of us were there. Stop playing the blame game and give some forgiveness for an unfortunate accident.


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