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Causey never said he was sorry!

Two days following the death of Peyton Strickland Causey said, "If this boy would've come to the door - opened the door - we probably wouldn't be talking," At that time he knew Long shot thru a door, knew Strickland was unarmed, knew there was no possibility of any gunshot from inside the house and he definately knew that Peyton was inches from the door, reaching for the handle when the 18 year old was shot twice. He knows this because of the roommate (witness) who was thrown to the ground into a puddle of blood. He knows this because Chirs Long could see Peyton thru the glass panels in the door he shot thru. He knows this because everyone there that night knew it was a bad shooting, including the DA who immediately took possession of the bullet ridden and blood soaked door. Causey attempted to deceive the citizens by alluding that Peyton hesitated as he came around the corner to see who was banging on the door when in reality the muzzle of Long's .45 caliber fully automatic machine gun was actually less than two feet away from Peyton's chest when it fired. Bits and pieces of wood and glass were embedded into Peyton's skin, he was answering the door. Why hasn't anyone asked WHY Deputy Cina was even ordered to hit the door with a battering ram in the first place? Especially KNOWING Peyton was right there. Causey never took responsibility, once the truth was discovered by the media he fired Long, then gave him $6,000 out of his campaign fund and helped in the golf event that was a fund raiser for Long. Folks if you are buying any contrition on the behalf of Sheriff Causey you are fooled. His leadership has not only killed Peyton Strickland, but John Lewis, a man shot and killed by ERT for holding a cell phone and the inmate Gary Rummer who was killed from a broken neck and a fractured skull. How much more evidence do the citizens need before Causey gets sent packing?


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