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It's the DA's Fault.

It's District Attorney Ben David's fault that nobody's in jail for this shooting. Just look at the charges he presented to the Grand Juries for consideration in this case. To the first Grand Jury, DA David presented a charge of second degree murder as the only charge those Grand Jury members could consider. But, a Second Degree Murder Charge would require proof that Long INTENTIONALLY fired his weapon through Strickland’s’ front door, and we know by Long's own statement that that's not how the shooting occurred. However, shooting 5 to 6 rounds from a sub-machine gun through the closed front door of a private residence IS a reckless act, indeed it's reckless in the extreme, and that's regardless of whether the shots were fired intentionally or not. The crime that Long actually committed that night, and it's also one that should have earned him a criminal charge, is Involuntary Manslaughter. That first Grand Jury had members who said they would have indicted Long if that had been the charge they had been giver to consider in the first place. Apparently, they didn't know that they could override the DA's choice of charges and consider a lesser charge that they felt actually fit the facts in the case, like Involuntary Manslaughter. Even at the second Grand Jury hearing, the charge presented for that panel to consider was Voluntary Manslaughter; which is yet another charge that requires proof of INTENTIONAL actions on Long's part. District Attorney Ben David should have to answer why he never presented a charge that corresponded directly to the facts in this case. If you read Long’s statement, you would know that his own words, along with knowledge of even the most basic facts in the case, were easily enough to indict him for Involuntary Manslaughter. District Attorney Ben David's unexplained actions are the reason nobody was ever indicted for a crime in this matter, and HIS efforts in controlling the charges presented to these two Grand Juries actually appears to have been intentional. He didn't want an indictment to come down against former Deputy Long, even though it's the DA's job as a public servant to present a charge that will not only secure an indictment, but in all likelihood, a conviction as well. His actions in this event have been a disservice to the Strickland family, and to justice itself.


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