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Both sides of the Law?

I assume by your comment "both sides of the law" you mean law enforcement personnel and law abiding citizens. If, on the other hand, you’re talking about criminals, I doubt any of them care who's in the DA's office. I've been doing some further thinking on this shooting, and it's left me wondering about an area of this event that has never been addressed. Why didn't the DA present a charge of Reckless Endangerment against Long for consideration by the Grand Jury, as well as the murder charge that he presented for the death of Strickland the first time around? Peyton Strickland's roommate Michael Rhoton was in the same room as Strickland when Long's rounds came flying through the front door. Those rounds passed into the same room in which Rhoton himself was located, and he too could have just as easily been hit and injured or killed as was Strickland. That's a textbook case of Reckless Endangerment. Long's lucky both of these young men weren't killed there that night. Rhoton should hire an attorney and sue the county as well, because his life was unquestionably placed in as imminent a degree of danger as was Strickland’s. Rhoton would have a good case on this argument too, especially since he had nothing to do with why the police were there in the first place.


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