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shooting in bladenborro

If Officers could have used other methods to stop the shooter thay would have, you can't use pepper spray to stop him because he wass to far away ( the same with a tazer)and firing a weapon, you cant use rubber bullets becasue that is mainly used when the person is using a knife and in this case he would get more aggrivated just like he did when they tryed to negotiate. I mean when you have bullets wizzing by your head (which did happen) and believe me they did let it happen alot in the six hours they were sitting there risking there lives to save a man and others, when he was firing directly at them! THAT DID TAKE ALOT OF COURAGE. But if they hadn't have taken him down who knows how many officers may have been shot, or the family members? They did wait as long as possible and believe me no man or woman wants to live with the thought of taking someones life. But they did as they were trained to do, "save all that you can". Its horrible that this family has to suffer a loss but what would have happened if cops would have let him keep going? and just for the record the man was NOT shot but twice. And last but not least it doesn't matter if he has a history or mental illness, he still was shooting at innocent people. now how innocent was he? theres a time and a place for everything and i do believe they took the right action to save all they could, even though it meant taking his life.


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