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What part of DEADLY force confuses you?

I don't know if this will be posted, as lately I've been being censored for being too hardnose. Here's the fact those of you arguing about an intentional wounding don't understand. You cannot shoot only to "wing 'em" without undermining the entire justification for applying deadly force. I don't care if you're an SBI sniper or a private citizen, the law allows you to use deadly force to protect yourself or a third party from death or grievous bodily injury. You have to be truly in fear that someone is going to die. If you try to apply "kinda-sorta deadly force," you immediately open yourself up to a charge that, You weren't TRULY in fear for your life, or you wouldn't have shot him in the knee cap." Indeed, the whole purpose of applying deadly force is to END the confrontation immediately, not to simply kill the suspect. You don't end the confrontation immediately without applying DEADLY force is a manner that is going to destroy an essential organ (i.e., heart or brain) or cause an immense drop in blood pressure, causing rapid unconsciousness. The confrontation only ends when the suspect no longer poses a threat. Mister Adams was the sole orchestrator of what happened in Bladenboro. It's sad that a man who was so well thought of did what he did, but it's ludicrous to fault law enforcement for doing the job they were forced to do.


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