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Crop insurance

For a farmer there have to be a certain bee density in the area to have a reasonable chance that a crop that is to grow and be harvested matures correctly. Crop insurance just looks at what the likely outcome at harvest time would be unless bees are imported. Less bees the lower the total yield of the crops. Any fruiting crop like squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, and blueberries obviously need bees to pollinate so they can mature into the desirable food form that we humans eat. Even more complex things come into play with some of the fruits and vegetables. They have to be pollinated from several trips by the bees to produce a fruit form that resembles the complete and desirable end result. Crooked cucumbers are a result of incomplete pollination. Where well pollinated cucumbers are straight a well formed and make better pickles. Bees play a much larger part in making the world go 'round than most people think.


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