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All of these postings...

I moved to Wilmington a few months ago. My daughter will be attending Kindergarten at Sunset in just a few days. I have made a few visits to the school. To agree with one postee, this school is nowhere even close to a route between Oleander and College. It is nestled in a relatively peaceful, wooded area. As it was Summertime when I visited the school, I can imagine the scene is much different during the active school year. I see no problem with parents visiting their children at school or lending their helpful hands to a very busy, and underpaid, staff. Anyone who lays claim that a parent is spying on their child at school should review the definition of spying. As a parent, you have a legal right to observe your child during the normal course of their school day. If you show up and announce yourself, you may not see the usual way things are done. The best way to be sure you are catching a candid observation is to not announce your presence. Many parents do that on a regular basis to ensure the safety and welfare of their children. Construction takes time. It may seem that nothing is going on to the untrained eye, but many of the tasks involved in construction are not known to the general population. For instance, if concrete is laid, it must cure before construction can continue. Maybe soil samples had to be taken. Until results are back, no one should go into an area that is under testing. Maybe asbestos was removed or lead paint and if that is the case, fine particals of these items can be inhaled. Maybe construction was halted due to a lack of payment. There could be a plethera of possible solutions to the area being marked off. Not having an adequate fence in place is inexcusable, though. The school should have thought about that prior to the onset of construction. Operational Risk Management (ORM) should be a key principle in managing the day to day tasks of our precious children. It is good to leave a warning out there for new parents, but if you have no solution to the problem, you are just complaining. Where was the PTA in all of this? Did anyone take a stand? Why not block off that street? It isn't that busy.


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