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Umm, said blacks should be suing other blacks. No one that I know that is black has ever said anything about getting reparations or wanting them. But the fact is realized that there were many black people that became successful or had the chance to and were robbed of it by racists bent on scaring them into inferior positions and roles. This has robbed many families of building an inheritance and something to pass down. Especially when the education system, which was racist at the time, denied them decent educations. it takes many generations to break the cycles of slavery that neither you, or obviously, anyone in your family could possibly understand. I do. I am black. All I have to do is ask my family about their experiences. My great-grands parents went through this and so did they. Even today, it is hard for many in my family to break the cycle of poverty. My parents were able to and I am the first generation with much to inherit and that could readily afford and dedicate my entire time towards an education beyond high school. This post is a bit late, but hopefully someone won't read the last post and think that this discussion will end on such ignorant thoughts. You presume to explain and rationalize things which you were never touched by and obviously did not research.


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